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About the Company

Cotton Enterprise is a solution company in the textile and clothing sector with an advanced vision of contemporary fashion. Our apparel products use as main raw material pima cotton and Peruvian tangüis, we also offer other types of mixtures such as polyester, nylon, viscose, (lycra), chalis, poplin, etc.

Over the years, we have expanded our manufacturing range in each product category to match the evolving design and consumer requirements, thus ensuring a unique experience every stage of the product development and marketing process by immersing yourself in our comprehensive resources,Market analysis and trends in the textile industry We also provide you with export products with advice, certification and coordination with freight and customs agents so that products are left at the gates of the shipping medium to FOB values.

Our main objective is to offer products of the highest quality to all our customers, guaranteeing sustainability in all processes under an ethical and responsible prism.

In the case of export products we provide support for the issuance of certificates and coordination with freight and customs agents so that the products are left at the doors of the means of shipment at FOB values


We have set out to become textile leaders nationally and internationally, providing broad-spectrum solutions for the textile industry, producing high-quality clothing from the finest fabrics being eco-friendlyresponsible; thus maximizing the value for our customer and turning us into its preferred partner.


We believe that over time we must constantly evolve, as each achievement marks a new beginning, an inspiration to focus on “the possibilities of tomorrow”.

As an organization, we strive:

  • Excel in our core areas of competence through constant innovation
  • Create constant value for stakeholders by staying true to our commitments.
  • Strengthen productive efficiency through innovation and the use of the latest technology.
  • Uphold and promote the fundamental values of transparency, accountability, empowerment and good governance.
  • Constantly reduce our environmental footprint.

We offer you

Our main motivation is our customers therefore we maintain a commitment and responsibility as you deserve


Technology plays a vital role in all Cotton Enterprise functions, from production and quality assurance to development

Full Package service

In the art of clothing we carry out all the work aimed to deliver your product 100% finished in the indicated deadlines

Calidad e innovaciónQuality and innovation.

Driven by demand for differentiated products that respond to new trends and end-user preferences. With Quality and Innovation we have sophisticated equipment and qualified staff.